Secure Parking in Brighton

Visiting Brighton does not need to break the bank.
Welcome to Regency Secure Parking.


More than just Parking

Why not take advantage of central Brighton valet parking with a few little added extras.

Personal Parking

We park your car for you in our secure car park and bring your car to you when you come to collect.

Wash n Valet

Whilst you go enjoy your time in Brighton, let us give your car a professional wash or valet so your vehicle sparkles when you collect.

About Us

Regency Secure Parking is your premier location for short or long term parking.

Located in Regency Mews in Central Brighton, the car park is fully secure and permanently manned. All cars are visible to the operator at all times and nobody can enter or leave unchallenged. The carpark closes its doors at 18:00 each night and is locked and fully secure. If you are staying in one of the Hotels on Regency Square then this is the ideal parking location for you. With very affordable prices for the day or the weekend and other services (like valeting) the choice is simple - Regency Secure Parking

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